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Stephen BedardMy name is Stephen Bedard and I am so glad that you came to visit my website.

I am a pastor, teacher, blogger, author, disability advocate and a promoter of discipleship.

I am a regular contributor to ChristianWeek, The Disability and Faith Forum and The Mighty.

Please note that although I am the pastor of Queen Street Baptist Church, QSBC does not officially endorse anything I post here. All posts are my own opinion (or that of a guest blogger). Having said that QSBC is a pretty amazing church and you should really come by for a visit.

Top Five Blog Posts

  1. Three Reasons Why Rick Warren is a Heretic
  2. What is the Difference Between a PhD and a DMin?
  3. 8 Myths About Christianity
  4. Setting the Record Straight: What I Really Believe
  5. 5 Reasons Why Halloween is of the Devil

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