Jesus Now and Then

I just finished reading a book called Jesus Now and Then by Richard Burridge and Graham Gould.  The book is divided into two section written by each author: one on the New Testament and the other on church history.  Both sections of the book focus on what Christians were saying about Jesus, especially in terms of his divinity.  There is also a helpful section on the historicity of Jesus.  I actually found the second part most useful, especially the summary of early heresies, church councils and the development of the doctrine of the Trinity.  This book is well done, but it is not aimed at scholars.  In fact this is its strength, it is aimed at the general reader and yet is able to clearly and accessibly present the relevant material in an understandable way.  Key terms and events are defined in information boxes found throughout the book.  For anyone interested in a good solid introduction to New Testament and early church understandings of Jesus, Jesus Now and Then is a worthwhile investment.

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