Gabriel Stone Translation

Israel Knohl’s translation of the Gabriel Stone is now online and can be found here.  It must be noted that the Hebrew word for ‘live’ found on line 80 was not seen by those who first examined it and so there is some doubt as to this translation.  Even if it does say ‘live,’ it is not necessarily a reference to the resurrection.

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3 thoughts on “Gabriel Stone Translation”

  1. There are many nay say’ers who poropse to tell the world that everything to do with Jesus Christ is based solely on Myth yet not one of them has anymore proof than there own opinions and very little evidence even the history wich is accepted by many is constantly under attack there are those who would presume to re-write history to there own liing yet the mound of evidence grows there is not enough dirt to cover it all up!!!!!!!! JESUS IS

  2. Thanks, anything that man tries to produce in contrary to Jesus’ Life, Death & Resurrection only proves more and more that My Savior is, was and is to come… I love the translation and look forward to more. Keep working and keep publishing.

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