Getting Men into Church

There is a little blurb in the current Leadership that deals with David Murrow’s work on getting men into church.  This is an important issue as most churches have few and often spiritually weak men.  We need to work at connecting with men.  Here is some advice Muurow gives for making worship services more attractive to men:

  • Get out the hymnal and sing “guy” songs: Rise Up O Men of God, Onward Christian Soldiers, and such – with the original, non-PC language.
  • Choose “respect” songs about God over breathy “love” songs about “embracing.”
  • Lower the key.  Guys can’t reach the castri heights of today’s music, and don’t want to.
  • Give men a goal in worship: “Today we’re talking about the sin of pride,” for example.

There is also a funny list of signs that the service is a bit girly:

  • Handshaking is replaced by “The Holy Kiss.”
  • Worship team wears matching boas – including the bass.
  • Father’s Day is called “Y-Chromosome Commemoration.”
  • “Who’s Your Daddy?” sermon series draws a giddy crowd.
  • “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” are now called “Thing 1, Thing 2, and Gender-Neutral Ectoplasm.”
  • Attendance actually increases during hunting season.
  • Super Bowl Sunday includes not one Bears reference.
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