The Apologetic of a Christian Life

There are a lot of areas of apologetics that I am interested in.  But even if I was able to demonstrate the logic of intelligent design, biblical reliability, historical Jesus and the truth of the resurrection, when skeptics read stories like that of Ted Haggard, the facts start to lose their power. 

The story of Ted Haggard, which is coming up again such as in this article from CNN, is one of those that Christians wish would just go away.  Haggard seemed to be one of those superstars that could do no wrong.  Then, seemingly in an instant, it all fell apart.  Where did Haggard go wrong?  Of course he should not have engaged in homosexual activity.  But his mistakes were greater than that.  He should not have covered it up instead of seeking help.  He should not have taken the influential positions in the church knowing that he was struggling and had secrets.  He should not have strengthened the prejudice of hypocrisy by taking an active role in the protest against same-sex marriage.  Haggard’s fall is the story of mistake piled on mistake piled on mistake.

Why am I talking about this on my apologetics blog?  The story of Haggard is the story that many skeptics expect to hear.  The apologetic role that the rest of us have to take is to strive to live a Christian life.  I am not suggesting that Haggard is a worse sinner than any other Christian.  But we can make decisions in our struggles that perhaps demonstrate our vulnerability while preventing the damage to the name of Christ.  We want Haggard’s story to go away but his story is one that the Church needs to hear and to learn from.  Let us learn from Haggard and move forward with honest hearts and humble reliance upon God.

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