Growing Leaders

I just recently read an excellant book on leadership called Growing Leaders : Cultivating Discipleship for Yourself and Others by James Lawrence.  This has been one of the best books on leadership that I have ever read.  The chapters are organized into six parts: 1) Leadership Today, 2) Growing Leaders Know They’re Chosen, 3) Growing Leaders Discern God’s Call, 4) Growing Leaders Develop Christ-like Character, 5) Growing Leaders Cultivate Competence and 6) Growing Leaders Lead in Community.  Lawrence is a talented writer who is able to convery valuable principles that make sense and are applicable.  The book is filled with examples from his own leadership experiences, both positive and negative.  Each chapter has something that leader can take away and apply.  This is not just theory, this book is about taking biblical principles and putting them into practice in real Christian ministry.  In a powerful moment of honesty, Lawrence reveals in his epilogue how he broke many of the rules set out in the book just in the attempt to finish the book.  This is why the book is not about becoming the perfect leader but becoming a growing leader.

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