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I have started a new blog that is strictly a place to find useful books that deal with developing a Christian worldview, defending the Christian faith, becoming equipped as Christian leaders and responding to the world around us.  You will be able to also see what books I am currently reading.  You can find this blog at www.apologiaresources.blogspot.com. All of the suggested reading includes links to www.amazon.ca.  This means that if you are interested in purchasing one of these books, and they are not available at your local bookstore, you are welcome to purchase them through these links.  If you do this, I will receive a small portion of the price.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.  All of the proceeds will be used to continue my own research, mostly in the area of apologetics.  If you regularly purchase from Amazon, I would appreciate you considering using this site.  If not, please use it as a guide for a selection of good books that are helpful in growing in the Christian faith.

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