Making Peace

Making PeaceI just finished read in a very helpful book on conflict resolution called Making Peace: A Guide to Overcoming Church Conflict by Jim Van Yperen.  This book is very practical and it lays out steps that churches but can put into practice.  Beyond that, Van Yperen sets up a theological foundation that will help churches protect from and deal with unhealthy conflict.  Van Yperen acknowledges many of the issues that currently affect the Church.  Many leaders are either left handed leaders (they stress love) or right handed leaders (they stress truth).  Van Yperen argues for a middle road that balances both.  The author also looks at the styles that many leaders have in dealing with conflict: passive, evasive, defensive and aggressive.  Van Yperen teaches that what is necessary are leaders that together with their people, submit to the church as a redemptive Christian community.  Van Yperen’s book is nicely illustrated by real life experiences.  He does not deny the difficulties buy calls the Church to take the higher ground.  This is an extremely helpful book for all Christian leaders.

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