Things Unseen

Things have been difficult in our family lately as my mother was just diagnosed with throat cancer and was hospitalized.  I found myself unexpectedly away from home with no computer or books.  I stopped by one of my favourite book stores and found the one book by Mark Buchanan that I was missing: Things Unseen.  I really appreciate Mark’s writing.  I was first introduced to him when he spoke at our denominational assembly a few years ago.  This particular book deals with the concept of heaven.  However, it is not just a study on the afterlife.  Mark confronts the idea of being so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.  Mark argues that if we are truly heavenly minded, we will actually be the most earthly good.  I found this book particularly powerful as I sat with my mother in the hospital.  We often live our lives as if we were immortals never having to face death.  The fact is that we will all die and we need to prepare for that by how we live our lives.  Interestingly enough I am also reading a book by John Ortberg on the same subject.  Perhaps God is trying to tell me something.  I highly recommend Mark Buchanan’s Things Unseen.  He asks the tough questions and provides hopeful answers.  Get this book!

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