When the Game is Over

Over the past few weeks I have sat with my mom as she was dying of cancer.  Yesterday I performed her funeral.  During this process I have just happened to be reading Mark Buchanan’s Things Unseen and John Ortberg’s When the Game is Over It All Goes Back in the Box.  I really enjoy Ortberg’s writing and I appreciated his insights as I was going through this challenging time.  This book is not so much about death as it is about life.  Ortberg uses the image of a board game to remind us of the meaning of life.  There are rules of the game that we must follow to win but there are also rules that we must follow with the understanding that at the end of the game, all the pieces go back in the box.  Too often we live our lives according to the myth of immortality.  We should not live in fear of death but we should allow our understanding of our own mortality shape our lives according to more enduring values.  I highly recommend you buy this or any other book by John Ortberg.

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