Knowing Christ Today

I just finished reading an excellent book: Dallas Willard’s Knowing Christ Today.  Willard is an incredible writer and thinker.  He brings philosophy, theology and biblical studies to bear on relevant issues and leaves the reader desiring to learn more.  This book was particularly good.  The basic idea of the book is that Christianity should be more than something that we believe, affirm or commit to.  Christianity should be about knowledge as much as any other area of life.  Willard especially attacks the education system that has separated religion from the area of knowledge, a move that has often been supported by the church.  Some highlights of this book include a great chapter on the existence of God and another good one on the resurrection of Jesus.  One controversial aspect of this book is his chapter on Christian plurality.  Here, Willard argues for a wideness in God’s mercy where people might be saved without any knowledge of Jesus.  I think this is a weakness in the book, not because of any disagreement (I am still wrestling with that one), but because it takes away from the aim of the book to demonstrate the secure knowledge of Christ that is available to us.  Nevertheless, this book is very good and is highly recommended.

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