There and Back Again: A.N. Wilson’s Return to God

A.N. WilsonI came across this interesting story.  It is the story of author A.N. Wilson.  Wilson converted to atheism some years back and recounts for us what that meant to him.  He then goes on to describe the emptiness of atheism and his gradual return to faith in God.  It is a very moving account.

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2 thoughts on “There and Back Again: A.N. Wilson’s Return to God”

    1. I am glad that A.N. Wilson has returned to belief in God, but I would not necessarily agree with all that he writes. I can see the point of having the woman with over a dozen pregnancies with each being taken away being sterilized. But I disagree with sterilizing the children as an assumption that they will be like their biological parents. We have three children in our home who were born from a troubled mother. We believe that our stable home will make a difference in their lives and that they should have the chance to live life to the fullest.

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