Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics

I recently joined the International Society of Christian Apologetics and today I received my first journal from this academic society.  I am looking forward to reading it.  JISCA Vol. 2 No. 1 2009 has the following articles:

“Revelation and Reason in Cross-Cultural Apologetics and Missiology” by David J. Hesselgrave

“Understanding ‘If Anyone Says to This Mountain…’ (Mark 11:20-25) in Its Religio-Historical Context” by Kirk R. MacGregor

“Dawkins’ Logico-Philosophical Blunder: A Reply to a Dawkins Apologist” by Hendrik van der Breggen

“Some Fallibilist Conceptions of Rationality: An Intuitive Approach” by Thomas A. Provenzola

“How to Make a Case for the Inspiration of Scripture in the Current Milieu” by Steven B. Cowan

“Using the Death of Jesus to Refute Islam” by Michael R. Licona

“Resources for Discovering the Literary, Conceptual, and Historical Context of the OT” by Gene Carpenter

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6 thoughts on “Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics”

  1. That is a good question. I have noticed that as well and I am a member of the ISCA. I had never heard of it until they contacted me to confirm my mailing address. It was not the first issue either as this one was volume 2. All I know is it exists and it is quite good. It might be worth contacting the ISCA about.

  2. I am searching for Christian mathematicians who are at home with the kinds of mathematics employed by atheist scientific cosmologists to tell people that their research based on scientific mathematics discloses that the universe came from nothing.

    Because I am sure Christian mathematicians can be as good as these atheist scientific mathematicians and can show how atheists are fooling people.

    Arnaldo Blondel


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