Facts on Islam Worldwide

CNN reports on an interesting story about how many Muslims there are and where they live.  There are some surprising statistics that break some of the misconceptions that people have about Islam.  It is good to have such thorough research.  You can read the story here.

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2 thoughts on “Facts on Islam Worldwide”

  1. @ Stephen J Bedard,

    Thanks a lot for your visit to the blog ‘Wonders of Pakistan’ as well as for your particular tip on the latest census of Muslim populations in the world.

    Well Steve, frankly speaking am not an orthodox Muslim. Most of us here in Pakistan are though devout faithfuls yet as far as Islam is concerned our devotion is mainly limited to our own person. There is a very small group of people amongst us who believe in proselytizing of Islam. I myself have many friends who belong to these Islamic missionaries but I have never liked their modus operandi of converting Muslims into orthodox Muslims and people of other faiths into the fold of Islam.

    I have gone through this article on CNN online and found it indeed very interesting and useful.
    I think this study can also be used to engage into an interfaith dialogue between the Muslims and non Muslims.

    In pursuance of this objective, we in Pakistan have already formed a Muslim Christian Forum where we endeavor to cultivate harmonious relationship between the Christians of Pakistan who are sometimes vandalized by greedy Muslims to grab the properties of Pakistani Christians or sometimes being over-zealous, try to protect Islam in the guise of our Blasphemy law and harass the Christians.

    The message which we convey to our Muslim brethren in Pakistan is that while we condemn the excesses of US Neocons against Pakistan and other Muslim states, we should also see that we ourselves do not indulge into the same tactics and behave as Islamic Neocons.

    Well Steve that’s all for today because this message has been just to thank you for your very good tip about this article.

    I will revert to you Insha Allah with more of my thoughts when I have gone through some more material that you have put on your blog.

    Nayyar Hashmey

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