A Split in the Atheist Camp

As a former atheist, I have been very interested in the direction that the new atheism has gone.  Atheism has become much more evangelistic and, in my opinion, has become a religion.  Apparently, some atheists are not happy about the new direction and there is disagreement in the camp.  You can read about it in this very interesting article. The fact that there is already schism is more evidence that the new atheism has become a religion.

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4 thoughts on “A Split in the Atheist Camp”

    1. Of course not. But that’s just it. Saying there’s a ‘schism’ implies there are a limited amount of factions.

      Even calling anything the ‘new atheism’ is misleading, because we don’t operate like a religion. We’re a group of people that all happen to not believe in a god. That’s all that is necessary for us to believe on.

  1. This reminds me of people within my tradition. There are people within my Baptist group who claim that we are not a denomination. And yet anyone who looked at us from the outside would easily recognize us a denomination.

    Atheists have much more in common than just non-belief in God. Many atheists would share a belief in the origins of the universe and humanity as well as a basis for ethics and what happens at death. Belief in a god is required to be a religion. Buddhism is a nontheistic and often atheistic movement and yet is one of the five major world religions.

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