Why You Think the Way You Do

I recently finished reading Glenn Sunshine’s new book Why You Think the Way You Do. This book is basically a history of the western worldview.  The author begins with Rome and moves into the advent of Christianity.  With the fall of Rome and the rise of Christianity, the western world moved into the middle ages.  The author gives a nice outline of what life was like in the medieval world.  He tackles advancements in religion and science and the appearance of the renaissance and the reformation.  With the rise of modernism and the enlightenment there was further transformation of worldview.  The author ends off with a look at postmodernism, which he sees as a return to Rome with the declining influence of Christianity.  This book is quite remarkable.  Considering it deals with history, politics, economics, philosophy and religion, it is very readable.  The book is full of information and at the same time the author is able to keep the reader’s attention.  This book is important for reminding us that our world does not exist in a vacuum but that our current worldview is built on thousands of years of development and change.  A helpful book for understanding history and the issues of today.

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