Mormons and the Heavenly Father

Mormons proclaim that God is your loving Heavenly Father.  No Christian would disagree with that statement.  While there is something suspicious with the reasoning that God is Father because he is father of our spirits, I am not going there yet.  Rather I want to comment on the claim that the Father has a body like us.  That seems to go against what the Bible describes.  There is no picture of the Father as having a physical body in the Bible.  In fact, when God interacted in the Old Testament with people, he often did that through the angel of the Lord.  The angel of the Lord is not the same as the Father but the means by which he could physically interact with humans since his glory would destroy anyone who saw him.  Also, it is difficult to see what the purpose of the incarnation of Christ was if the Father already had a body.  From a biblical perspective, there is no reason to believe that the Father has a physical body.

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