Finding a New Land: From Canaan to the Resurrection

My book Finding a New Land: From Canaan to the Resurrection is now available on Amazon.  This was my M.A. thesis that I have revised for publication.  In this book I tackle the issues of a lack of interest in the Old Testament in the afterlife and a lack of interest in the New Testament in the land.  What I argue is that there is a gradual shift in sources of hope.  In the earliest traditions, the hope is completely on the land with little interest in the afterlife.  As control over the land begins to be less certain, there is an increasing interest in the resurrection.  In the intertestamental period, both images inform each other and there is interest in both areas.  By the time of the New Testament, resurrection has replaced the land as a source of hope, although land images are used to illustrate the afterlife.  If you are interested in the development in the Bible of the doctrines of the Promised Land and/or the resurrection, you will enjoy this book.

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