Sam Harris on Why We Should Ditch Religion

There is an interesting video on CNN by Sam Harris on why we should ditch religion.  You can watch the video here.  For a philosopher, Harris seems lost in a desert without logic.  He points out some of the worst examples of religion such as Muslims in Afghanistan who scar little girls with acid and suggests that is evidence for the danger of religion.  Yes there have been people who have identified themselves as religious, even Christian, who have done bad things.  Such acts of evil should always be condemned.  But some examples of the bad does not mean that we should reject the whole system.  Some of the most disgusting stories that I have ever read are what Nazi scientists and doctors did in concentration camps.  Should we reject science and medicine because there are some evil examples found within?  Of course not!  And while Harris is quick to suggest that we must ditch religion to help the people in need, he neglects to mention how Christians are actively at work to help people.  After the earthquake in Haiti, it was the Salvation Army, World Vision and hundreds of local churches that worked so hard to help people.  How much work did the atheist organizations do?  I am not suggesting that no individual atheists helped but rather compassion is such an important Christian value that it is natural for Christian organizations to make helping those in need a priority.  What about all the work throughout history that Christians have done to feed the hungry, provide shelter, and ban slavery?  What about the work that Christians are doing to end human trafficking?  Harris  is free to dislike religion, but he demonstrates his ignorance or at least his extreme bias when he makes claims as he does in this video.

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3 thoughts on “Sam Harris on Why We Should Ditch Religion”

  1. Hi Stephen,

    This just emphasises how irrational some self-proclaimed “super-rational” atheists really are. Logic here has truly been abandoned.


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