The Odyssey

I recently finished Homer’s Odyssey. This is the sequel to Homer’s Iliad (although there is some question as to if they are written by the same author).  This is an important book for understanding ancient Greek culture and religion.  All of Homer’s works were considered sacred and were studied as an integral part of education.  The story takes place after the Iliad when the warriors are traveling to their homes.  Odysseus gets on Poseidon’s bad side and he is stranded on an island and imprisoned by a goddess.  He has numerous adventures, including his famous adventure with the cyclops.  Meanwhile his family assumes that he is dead and numerous suitors show up to attempt to marry his wife.  They begin to waste his property.  With the help of Athene, Odysseus makes it home, works with his son and kills all the suitors.  I cannot say that I enjoyed the Odyssey as much as I did the Iliad, but it is still an important work.

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  1. It is interestesting that no one questions the preservation of these two works even though there are only a handful of manuscripts that date at least 500 hundred years after Homer lived. The Bible has thousands of manuscripts that date within 200 years of the gospel writers and there will alwasy be doubters as to if we really have an accurate copies of the the gospels. Thanks for the report.

    Pastor Adam Barton
    Akron, Ohio

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