Apologetic Value of N.T. Wright

I happen to quite like the work of N.T. Wright and even considered at one point looking at the work of N.T. Wright as the subject of my doctoral dissertation.  I find his work inspiring even when I disagree with him.  There is an interesting post over at Jesus Creed that looks at the apologetic value of N.T. Wright.  It is worth looking at.  You can find it here.

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2 thoughts on “Apologetic Value of N.T. Wright”

  1. Yes, thank you for the lead and I will check that out. N.T. Wright is a fine writer and scholar. I also recall seeing in the news that the writer Ann Rice (Interview with the Vampire) saying that the work of N.T. Wright influenced her to return to her Roman Catholic faith recently.
    Thank you,
    Pastor Adam Barton
    Akron, Ohio

  2. I heard also that N.T. Wright was influential in atheist Antony Flew’s journey as well. I appreciate that Wright does not just write for the academy but also reaches out to those outside.

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