John Wesley on Debate

I have been reading the Journal of John Wesley.  He has a number of instructions for his Stewards.  I thought number ten was one important for those involved in apologetics.

10. In all debates, you are to watch over your spirits, avoiding as fire all clamour and contention, being swift to hear, slow to speak; in honour every man preferring another before himself.

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3 thoughts on “John Wesley on Debate”

  1. I found this site as I am reading Wesley’s Journal. I don’t know about his debate, but I have been incredibly impressed by his determination, persistence, and commitment to the Gospel. I was happy to read that, though they had some great differences, he and Whitfield became fast friends again. Some modern calvinists and arminians should take their example to heart.

  2. I have just started reading his journal and I am really enjoying it. I find it refreshing the balance of devotion, evangelism, realistic life and academic pursuit. It is good stuff and something modern Christians can learn a lot from. By the way, I just heard that today is John Wesley’s 307th birthday. Happy Birthday John!

  3. John Wesley tried to follow his example in his many problems with others.

    The book “John Wesley, Natural Man, and the ‘Isms'” details his thinking about the Jews, Natural Man, Roman Catholics, Quakers, Deists and Mystics – their theological errors has he saw them, and the possibility of their salvation.

    Wesley was a very ecumenical and good theologian and we should be very proud of our heritage.

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