Philosophia Christi

I recently joined the Evangelical Philosophical Society.  One of the benefits of this is a subscription to the journal Philosophia Christi.  I just received my first issue (vol. 12 num. 1 2010) which includes the following articles:

“Thomism and Noetic Sin, Transposed” by R.J. Snell

“Forgiveness and Kierkegaard’s Agapeistic Ethic” by John B. Howell III

“The Resurrection of the Body as a ‘Practical Postulate'” by Aaron Bunch

“Annihilationism, Traditionalism, and the Problem of Hell” by Shawn Bawulski

“Hell, Threshold Deontology, and Abortion” by Stephen Kershnar

“Toward a Realist Modal Structuralism” by Walter Schultz

“Philosophical Naturalism and Methodological Naturalism” by Stephen C. Dilley

“Teleology” by Edward Feser

“Fishnets, Firing Squads, and Fine-Tuning (Again)” by Troy Nunley

“Timothy O’Connor on Contingency” by William Lane Craig

“The God of Consciousness” by Stewart Goetz

“Assessing the Kalam Cosmological Argument” by Mark Nowacki

“Farewell to an Old Friend” by Gary R. Habermas

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