Community of Christ and the National Council of Churches

I have been very interested in the Community of Christ, in particular what I consider to be a very orthodox statement of faith.  For that reason, I appreciated this recent notice:

On November 10, delegates at the General Assembly of the National Council of Churches USA (NCC) approved Community of Christ for membership. The NCC is a community of Christian communions that represents a wide range of Christian traditions and experiences. President Becky Savage, Ecumenical and Interfaith Officer Dale E. Luffman, and former Ecumenical and Interfaith Officer Gail Mengel represented the church at the NCC’s historic Centennial Conference.


Community of Christ’s application for membership in the National Council of Churches (NCC) was a response World Conference actions. It responded to counsel given in 2000 in Doctrine and Covenants 161:1b to “Claim your unique and sacred place within the circle of those who call upon the name of Jesus Christ.” It also culminates a journey that began at our 1980 World Conference when delegates approved World Conference Resolution (WCR) 1157 Participation in Interdenominational Christian Ministries. Later legislation included 1992 approval of WCR 1222 Interfaith Organizations, and 2002 approval of WCR 1275 Ecumenical/ Interfaith Memberships.


We appreciate the work of current and former Ecumenical and Interfaith officers Luffman and Mengel. We look forward to building relationships through the NCC based on our united conviction that God has brought us together in Christ.

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3 thoughts on “Community of Christ and the National Council of Churches”

  1. Community of Christ is not a truly ‘christian’ denomination. They were known up until 2001 as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the RLDS. That”s right, a Mormon offshoot after 1872. The referral to the Doctrines+Covenants quote in your post should tell you that though they split from the main church the RLDS or Community of Christ as they want to be called now are in fact still Mormon in theology and hold to incorrect views of God as an exalted man and man as a ‘god’ in embyo.

    Same cult, different name, same destination without the true Jesus Christ.

  2. You are right that the Community of Christ is the former RLDS. You are wrong about their view of God. That was developed by Brigham Young after the split and has nothing to do with the C of C. The C of C has very little in common with Mormon theology. The C of C concept of God is the standard protestant view.

  3. The CofC concept of God is very far from that of orthodox Christianity. If you will contact Price Publishing Co. in Independence, MO, they can get you a copy of a speech/sermon by President Alan Tyree describing the Trinity in terms of “monarchial modalism,” which is an ancient heresy. He does not use the term itself, he simply gives as an explanation of the nature of God that is identical to the heresy going by the name of modalism.

    The Community of Christ tells its members that it has not given up the Three Standard Works — The Joseph Smith Revision of the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants. However, member denominations of the NCC are required to accept only the standard Bible (as translated from the original texts) as scripture.

    So the CofC is either being dishonest with the NCC, or it is being dishonest with its members. After all, I can understand why God, in a printed “modern scripture” would order the church to join the NCC, but I cannot understand how the NCC could accept as a member any denomination that did in fact honor such a revelation as scripture..

    There is dissembling going on somewhere. Better take your ducks to a better pond.

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