Ministry Reflection Two

There are some pastors out there who are so naturally gifted, full of charisma, blessed with resources and full of energy that they can do ministry in their own strength.  That is not me.  Frankly, I am glad that is not me.  One of the things that I have learned during my time of ministry is the importance of prayer.  Most Christian leaders would agree, but how do you put that into practice?  After all there is PowerPoint to put together, emails to answer, sermons to write, meetings to lead.  Where is the time for prayer going to appear?  I look at prayer from an important perspective.  If God called me at the office and asked to spend an hour with me, I would never say that PowerPoint was more important.  I would just do it!  Why is it any different when God is invisible?  I build prayer into my schedule because I can not be relied upon to do it when I feel like it.  I pray for the people in my congregations by name once a month.  I try to pray before I leave the church every time, even if I am running behind.  I pray as I drive by houses of people from our congregation.  I pray for the churches I pass by.  It has gotten to the point, that I just instinctively know it is time to pray.  And it works!  This is not just a spiritual discipline, I note a huge difference in ministry when I have spent the time in prayer.  As Bill Hybels reminds us, we are too busy not to pray!

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