When It’s Wrong to Be Right: Women

One of the problems with conservative Christianity is that it has denied rights to women and has attempted to keep women in submission to men.  Women are banned from important roles and are not seen as equal.

This is one of the hardest issues to tackle.  The reason is that throughout history, conservative Christians both in its Roman Catholic and evangelical forms have often not treated women right.  Sometimes the church has been used as a tool to deny women their rights.  Of that, we must repent.

All I can do is suggest that this is not at the heart of conservative Christianity.  Jesus was a radical in the way he accepted women, even having women as disciples.  Women played an extremely important role in the early church, even taking on numerous leadership roles (e.g. apostles and prophets and deacons).  I believe that it is a misreading of Paul that leads to a negative view of women in the church.

The church submitted to patriarchal traditions in society.  At the same time, there were brave women and men that promoted a positive view of women.  In more modern times, there are still some disagreements about the role of women.  Certain groups such as the Roman Catholics and the Southern Baptists do not ordain women, while many others (including my own denomination www.baptist.ca) do ordain women.  Even when Christians do not accept women as senior pastors, women still have been extremely influential as missionaries, teachers, hymn writers, authors, worship leaders and other roles.  There are actually entire denominations that have been started by women.  The church still has a way to go, as does the rest of society (note the differences in wages for the same jobs), but Christianity is at its biblical core pro-woman.  Before critics get too angry toward conservative Christians for being anti-woman, take some time to ask what we really believe.

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13 thoughts on “When It’s Wrong to Be Right: Women”

  1. Good post. I think the attitude at it’s core is a matter of the heart. Many churches, even within reluctant denominations, are moving ahead with putting women in positions of leadership. I know individuals who have left those churches because of their own personal interpretations of scripture. It is their loss.

    There are denominations that require a Masters of Divinity for anyone seeking ordination. In my humble opinion I think that is as restrictive as gender requirements. Remember it does not take ordination to have a major impact on the Kingdom. Mother Teresa comes to mind as famous example of this.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I hear what you are saying about education. While I am a big believer in higher education, I do not think a degree from a university is necessary for ministry.

    1. Some of us have had a real fight on our hands to even get where we are, but God is still in control, and those HE has called cannot be stopped

  3. Until women are supported by the men in the pulpit this will be a slow change. I have seen women who were truly called by God and kept from doing all our God called them to do because of how others “felt.” Rather than supporting and encouraging the call, there was resistent from both men and women. Also, we have to be careful not to accept a few women in ministry as notice that they truly support women in ministry. Ask the Q how many are in senior leadership roles in your area? Why or why not? (truth). Just a thought. Thanks for listening.

  4. Thank you for your comments, as an ordained single woman it’s good to know that there are real men of God who recognize our worth. God bless you Steve.

  5. I argued with God, respectfully, for about 2 years prior to submission to His will in my life. When people express their negative views on my calling as a woman, I tell them to talk to the Boss about it! I don’t understand my calling versus the scripture that appears to be against it. I just know that I could not resist it any longer! God will have to sort it out for them. Open doors are not the norm as a woman preacher, but, I do try to step thru each one that is opened if I feel that it is in the will of God. Thus far, He has proven to be faithful to annoint my ministry. That is enough proof to me that He is with me in my ministry. I did not understand why God called women preachers either, but, the annointing breaks the yoke for sure!

  6. I am an ordained, endorsed Correctional Chaplain with the Assemblies of God. Throughout my ministry, which now has spanned 20 years ,and not always as a Chaplain, I have encountered both acceptance and nurture as well as rude and hurtful opposition just because of my gender. God has put the call to ministry very deep in my heart and soul and given me exceptional grace and healing in the hurting times. Remember, He is always our first source for what we need to do this ministry we are called to. Oftentimes He will be all there is, especially for us.I wish it were different for women-but often its not. Thats why we need each other woman-woman-listening, praying, and helping one another And yet- I will say this- I see some changes on the horizon and I am hopeful. E mail me anytime- I promise I will answer back.
    Pam Moore

    1. Pamela
      I am also Ordained Assemblies of God, and would love to e-mail you.
      I have found being a single woman (widowed 8 years) that the men take advantage of the fact that I have no “protection” or “covering” at home, so the insults, false accusations and being ignored continues. It should not be…BUT we know that God is in control, and we do need each other. Our calling is just as valid and our ministry is just as annointed. Blessings on us all.

  7. Thank you for your support and encouragement of women in ministry! For years I felt the need to “fight” for my calling as a woman in ministry. I am thankful for the journey God is leading me on. Over the past year or so God has been opening my eyes to the truth that there is not a “fight” to be had for my calling, rather a “fight” in my head to just be who he has called and created me to be. Rather than “fight” my way forward, I must let God fight for me and I just need to be. I am so thankful to be married to a wonderful man who acknowledges and encourages my calling to preach, pastor and lead. Though he is a man of few words, his strong passion for God and confidence in who God created him to be has been a blessing to submit to. I believe that God will continue to move on the hearts of man, both male and female, and cement a deep understanding of what our identity in Christ truly means. Men will start to recognize that women in ministry does not negate nor threaten a man’s role as the spiritual head of a household, and women will start to recognize that it is an honor to submit to Godly husbands while obediently bearing the mantle of whatever ministry God has designed and destined them to pursue and achieve. I believe this “battle” will be won, because I see the daily victories accomplished in my own heart and life. God is so good, and the Holy Spirit will continue to shape and transform the body of Christ into the radiant bride she is called to be! What a joy that we get to cherish every “beauty treatment” along the way…no matter how painful it is at the time. Thank you for this timely post! It ministered to my heart, as I am sure it did to many others!

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