Ministry Reflection Seven

How does a Christian leader grow spiritually?  It is all about about spiritual discipline.  First you have to hire a spiritual mentor.  Then you have to find a monastery in an exotic location.  You need to purchase all the books by all the great spiritual authors.

Or you could be thankful.  I have found more than anything, just thanking God for the good things that happen makes a huge difference.  Do not get me wrong, this is a spiritual discipline.  Try being thankful all day long.  Find a parking spot?  Thanks God.  Your kids tell you that they love you?  Thanks God.  New people attending the church?  Thanks God.  All day long, be thankful.  Give it a try!

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One thought on “Ministry Reflection Seven”

  1. If you haven’t already, you should read “One Thousand Gifts” by fellow Canuk, Ann Voskamp at Brilliant writing, solid Truth and practical. Love it!

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