Making of the New Testament

Making of the New TestamentThe New Testament is an incredibly influential book but how did it come to be?  People like Bart Ehrman seem to attack almost every issue regarding the process.  Arthur Patzia’s Making of the New Testament is a great place to go to get some answers.  Not exactly an introduction to the Bible, but rather an overview of various aspects of the making of the New Testament.  Patzia deals with how ancient books were made, the process of the development of the Gospels, Paul’s letters, the choosing of the canon and textual criticism.  Patzia deals with the authorship of Paul’s letters and is actually open that some were written by Paul’s followers and yet attempts to show how that can fit within an evangelical understanding of the Bible.  I found his section on how the early church interpreted the inspiration of the New Testament to be particularly interesting.  Although not written as a direct response to Bart Ehrman, and only a small section deals specifically with Ehrman, it happens that this book deals with most of the areas that Ehrman has been writing about.  If you are looking for a richer understanding of the making of the New Testament, I highly recommend this book.

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