Tim Keller on Creation and Evolution

Tim KellerWhat is a Christian to do with the whole creation/evolution debate?  Do we clutch our Bibles with one hand and try to protect our ears from the claims of science with the other hand?  This is not just a theoretical problem, it is a pastoral problem.

People in our churches are really struggling with this.  Tim Keller has written a paper for the BioLogos Foundation on Creation, Evolution and Christian Lay People.  It is worth checking out.  You may not agree with his conclusions but he provides a good model of how to approach these issues both apologetically and pastorally.

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One thought on “Tim Keller on Creation and Evolution”

  1. I thank you for your article. I wholeheartedly agree with the issues you raised regarding science verses the Scriptures. These are important issues for all Christians. One challenge we face is that we may be drawn outright toward unbelief. A second challenge is that a misunderstanding in these matters may in a more subtle way undermine the truth of the Gospel.
    If you could take a moment, how would you rate the article, “The Step – Evolution”? Is it anti-scientific religionists, or anti-religious scientific, or a balanced view in your opinion?
    Life from God .com, The Firm Foundation Series, “The Step – Evolution” at http://lifefromgod.com/foundation/foundation03.html
    May God bless
    Graham Dull
    Life from God .com

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