Apologetics for Seniors

This morning I preached my scheduled chapel service at our local nursing home.  My message?  The importance of apologetics of course!  How could I talk about apologetics?  Isn’t apologetics for people with degrees in philosophy eager to debate rabid atheists?  My belief is that every Christian is called to be an apologist, even senior citizens in nursing homes.  I took them through the basics of 1 Peter 3:15-16.  I encouraged them to think of the hope that is within them, of what difference Christ makes for them as they struggle with many challenges.  Then I asked them to think about their reasons for believing.  They may not have reflected on the Kalam argument or intelligent design, but they have trusted in God for decades and he has come through.  They have years of witness to the faithfulness of God.  That’s a pretty good reason to believe.  Then I encouraged them to share this truth with gentleness and respect.  It is easy to get frustrated with people who disagree with you or even make fun of your beliefs.  But all we can do is love these people and share our beliefs in a gentle way.  The message went well and I think they got it.  My message to you?  Don’t wait until you become a senior citizen to become an apologist?

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