Stand to Reason

Stand to ReasonIf you are looking for quality apologetics resources, I would encourage you to check out Stand to Reason.  This is the ministry run by Greg Koukl.  There is much about Greg’s style that I like.  I like his focus on never reading a Bible verse, meaning we should always read in context.  I like his method of not feeling the pressure to explain the Gospel with every non-Christian we talk to.  It is enough to put a stone in their shoe.  I enjoy the Stand to Reason podcast that you can find on the web-site.  They have great guests as well as opportunities for people to call in with questions.  Make sure to check it out.

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2 thoughts on “Stand to Reason”

  1. Though I’ve only been listening to his podcasts for about a month or so, he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite apologists. His dialogue with Ian the Atheist from Florida is always entertaining too.

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