Reliability of the New Testament

Mike Licona and Tony Costa have written reviews on The Reliability of the New Testament: Bart Ehrman and Daniel Wallace in Dialogue for the Review of Biblical Literature.  You can read their reviews here.

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10 thoughts on “Reliability of the New Testament”

  1. I am not interested in the supernaturalism of Christianity, but am very interested in the study of the early history of the group. I am always happy to meet others that also study the topic as well. My interest specifically is up till perhaps a generation or two after Irenaeus. But I would say I am interested in anything from the Maccabean revolt up till about 384CE when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire.

    I am always happy to hear from new friends.


  2. While I believe the supernatural element is very important, I agree with you that period of history is incredibly interesting. If you have not checked oit out yet, I would point you to The History of Rome podcast. It is fantastic.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I used to subscribe to that site via RSS. But, one day when I was doing some massive cleaning… I must have deleted it. I will add it back again. I had gone minimalistic in the last few months, with the only two religion sites I was subscribing to were; and I am sure there are other good ones, but over the years I have just found it hard to find consistently good blogs on christian origins. RE podcasts, I still enjoy my friend Dr. Robert M. Price’s “THE BIBLE GEEK!”

    You might give them a look see.


  4. Yes, The History of Rome podcast. I’ll leave Price to you. It was such a chore reading his goofy book I don’t think I can endure the same half-baked scholarship with images and sounds.

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