Doctor of Ministry

I am excited to start my Doctor of Ministry program at Acadia Divinity College next month.  Some people have wondered why I am doing a D.Min. rather than a Ph.D.  That is a good question.  The fact is that there are a lot of Ph.D.’s out there ready to take the few teaching positions available.  My passion is equipping Christians to articulate and defend the Christian faith in a rational and relevant way.  While part of that takes place in teaching, I do not want to write only for other scholars or to teach only graduate students.  I want to bring this stuff to the local church so that the average Christian will receive the training and encouragement they need.

Why would I pick Acadia Divinity College?  I have checked out a number of D.Min. programs and have not been impressed.  Acadia’s program is the first one that I really have liked.  I like Acadia’s focus on biblical and theological courses, even within a ministry context.  Acadia also has a partnership with Arrow Leadership, of which I am a graduate.  Acadia has some top notch professors, such as Craig Evans, and some great guest teachers, such as James Dunn.  I have gotten to know some of the professors such as Glenn Wooden and know others such as Bill Brackney from my time at McMaster Divinity College.  I look forward to this experience and all that I will learn to bring back to the local church.

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