Considering the Community of Christ

I recently heard from a Community of Christ pastor who was receiving some opposition from his local ministerial.  If you are not familiar with the Community of Christ, they were formally known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  When people hear this, they automatically think of the Utah Mormons and the doctrines of polygamy and becoming gods and denying of the Trinity.  Many assume the Community of Christ believe the same things as the more famous Mormons.  The fact is that they do not.  In fact the Community of Christ have a very orthodox theology.  You can find their statement of faith here.  Please notice that they believe in the Trinity, the deity and incarnation of Christ and salvation by grace.

The main concerns people have once they get over their initial prejudice is their doctrine of Scripture.  They accept the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants as Scripture along side the Bible.  But a closer look will show that they do not see them on the same level and that the Bible is their primary foundation for theology.  From the protestant perspective, is an incorrect canon enough to lose orthodoxy?  If so, what do we do with Catholics, Orthodox, and Anglicans (to a certain extent) who accept more books than the protestant canon?  A correct canon was not one of the early tests for orthodoxy, especially considering our exact protestant canon was not found in any list until the end of the fourth century.

I am not suggesting that people should accept the Book of Mormon as truth.  What I am suggesting is that the Community of Christ explicitly seeks to follow Jesus and holds to almost all the same doctrines as protestants.  What would be the result of avoiding fellowship with them over what we disagree on?  Fellowship would draw us closer together, enabling us to be a positive influence.  Rejecting them as heretics or a cult will drive them away from the orthodox position they have taken.  I urge Christians to not judge before they look at the facts and that they respond with grace and humility.

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One thought on “Considering the Community of Christ”

  1. Very interesting Stephen. I do not see anything objectionable with the Community of Christ folks. “Good luck and God’s blessing to them” I say.
    I keep up with all your regular Posts, , , very interesting and instructive. You must do a ‘GINORMOUS’ amount of reading and study in order to keep up with events Incidentally, have a look at my website ‘ and look, in particular, at ‘Jesus and the ‘Adamantine Particles’ , It is quite mind boggling. .. Love in Christ HOWARD.. .

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