Podcasts I Listen To

I am a fairly busy guy and do not have the opportunities to read that I would like to.  I try to make up for that by listening to podcasts (not that podcasts could ever replace a good book).  I thought I would share links to some of the podcasts I listen.  Not all are apologetics, nor are all by Christians.  I appreciate the opportunity to have a wide variety of learning experiences.  These are not in order of importance or value but simply the order they appear in iTunes.

The Critical Thinker by Kevin deLaplante

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps by Peter Adamson

History of Rome by Mike Duncan

Just Thinking by Ravi Zacharias

NT Pod by Mark Goodacre

Philosophy Bites by David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton

Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig

Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean by Philip Harland

Stand to Reason by Greg Koukl

Tolkien Professor by Corey Olsen

Voice of Truth by Norman Geisler


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