Where’s There a Good School?

I am a firm believer in good theological education.  Quality varies from school to school.  How can you know if the school you are applying to is any good?  The best thing to do is to talk to someone who has been involved, either as a student or faculty.  I would like to recommend three schools.  The first is McMaster Divinity College.  I received my M.Div., M.Th. (this is no longer offered) and M.A. degrees from McMaster.  It is a fantastic school and it offers a Ph.D. degree as well, which is already getting a good reputation.  Secondly, there is Acadia Divinity College.  I am doing my D.Min. at Acadia and am enjoying it very much.  Finally, there is Tyndale College and Seminary.  I have not studied here but I have taught a couple of undergrad courses through their modular program.  Tyndale offers courses at the bachelor, masters and doctoral level.  I would recommend any of these three schools.

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2 thoughts on “Where’s There a Good School?”

  1. Hey Steve, my name is Justin and I just happened to find your blog while trying to find reviews on the mcmaster seminary. I am considering attending the school for a MDiv but really struggling to find resources and people that could give me some insight on the quality and experience of the seminary. I am passionate about biblical studies and would love (in the very distant future) to become a professor in biblical studies or a teacher of biblical studies in a missionary context. I noticed you gave a recommendation to the seminary on your blog. Do you think this school is a good choice for someone like me because of all the ones in southern Ontario I feel like this one has the best quality of teaching. Thanks for your time!

  2. I strongly recommend McMaster Divinity College as a place to take your M.Div. It is a fantastic school that blends well academic scholarship and practical ministry. They have a top notch faculty. The tuition is also reasonable, which is nice. I did my M.Div. there and went on to do two more degrees there. I also served for a while on their board. I can say in all confidence that it is a great school.

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