Fringe View: The Jesus Myth

One of my primary areas of interest is that of the Jesus myth theory, which suggests that the historical Jesus did not exist and the stories are based on myth.  I was pleased to see that New Testament scholar James McGrath tackled this theory in the Christian Century and gave it an appropriate title.  You can read the article here.

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1 thought on “Fringe View: The Jesus Myth”

  1. The problem as Biblical scholar I. Howard Marshall warns in _I Believe in the Historical Jesus_ is that “We shall land in considerable confusion if we embark on an inquiry about the historical Jesus if we do not pause to ask ourselves exactly what we are talking about.” Unfortunately not all Jesus mythers are on the same page-a very small handful say Jesus is non historical in the way King Lear or Dr Who while the rest say he is non historical in the way King Arthur is.

    Even Joseph Campbell in his _The Masks of God: Occidental Mythology_ stated “(i)t is clear that, whether accurate or not as to biographical detail, the moving legend of the Crucified and Risen Christ was fit to bring a new warmth, immediacy, and humanity, to the old motifs of the beloved Tammuz, Adonis, and Osiris cycles.”

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