Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics Vol. 1 No. 1

Our first issue of Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics came out in 2010.  I am very excited about this journal.  There are some great articles by some talented apologists is this issue.  There are also plenty of helpful book reviews to give you an idea of what is out there.  You can get this issue free as a pdf here.  You can also purchase a hard copy from Amazon here.

“Hope’s Reason” by Stephen J. Bedard

“Did Muhammad Deny the Incarnation or Paganism?” by K. Dayton Hartman

“The Myth of Metaphorical Resurrection” by Tawa J. Anderson

“An Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics” by Ian Hugh Clary

“Past, Probability, and Teleology” by J.W. Wartick

“Shona Concept of Spirit Possession” by Francis Machingura

“Pentecostal Perspectives on Charismatic Activity of the Spirit” by Dan Morrison

“Are the Gosepls/Acts in Conflict With Paul?” by Tony Costa

“Literary Apologetics in Action” by Holly Ordway

“Exposing the Spirit of the Age” by Stephen J. Bedard


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