C.S. Lewis on Inspiration and Inerrancy

I’m going to put this one out for discussion.  What do you think of this view of Scripture?

“The main difficulty seems to me not the question whether the Bible is ‘inspired’, but what exactly we mean by this.  Our ancestors, I take it, believed that the Holy Spirit either just replaced the minds of the authors (like the supposed ‘control’ in automatic writing or at least dictated to them as to secretaries.  Scripture itself refutes these ideas. … I myself think of it as analogous to the Incarnation – that, as in Christ a human soul-and-body are taken up and made the vehicle of Deity, so in Scripture, a mass of human legend, history, moral teaching, et cetera, are taken up and made the vehicle of God’s Word.  Errors of minor fact are permitted to remain. (Was Our Lord Himself incapable, qua [as] Man, of such errors?  Would it be a real human incarnation if He was?)  One must remember of course that our modern and western attention to dates, numbers, et cetera, simply did not exist in the ancient world.  No one was looking for that sort of truth.” – C.S. Lewis

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One thought on “C.S. Lewis on Inspiration and Inerrancy”

  1. Bible says – 2 Peter 1:20,21: “Understand this: None of the prophecies in the Scriptures came from [someone’s own] ideas, nor did they happen just because some men wanted to prophecy. Rather, men spoke from God as they were being led along by [His] Holy Breath.” AEB

    I don’t see how scripture refutes the ‘dictated to them as secretaries’ portion since most of the authors of such writings (especially OT) begin with how Jehovah’s word came to them by his angels and actually told them what to write (i.e. Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Habakkuk).

    But I also do see instances were Men decided to write about dealings of their people and situations they faced and how God either helped them or punished them.


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