On the Cutting Edge of Apologetics: The MA in Apologetics at HBU

I am pleased to have Holly Ordway present this special guest post promoting an exciting new program.

I’m delighted to be writing this guest post as the Chair of the new Department of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, and one of the founding faculty for the new MA in Apologetics program, which begins in Spring 2013.

At HBU, we have a vision for the future of apologetics. What if:

  • Apologists were equipped to understand, influence, and transform culture?
  • Both reason and the imagination were recognized as valid modes of knowledge?
  • Apologetics were truly interdisciplinary in its content and global in its reach?
  • The arts – music, literature, film and television, drama, the visual arts, and more – were an integral part of how we communicate Christian truth to the culture that so badly needs it?

… what if all these things were the case?

HBU’s Master of Arts in Apologetics says “Yes” to each of these ideas, and more besides. We are on the cutting edge of apologetics today, and we are very, very excited about it.

What makes HBU’s MA in Apologetics distinctive?

Here are a few key features:

  • Outstanding faculty: including scholars and apologists such as John Mark Reynolds, Holly Ordway, Mary Jo Sharp, Michael Ward, Mike Licona, and Jerry Walls.
  • Cultural apologetics focus: building on the foundation of classical apologetics, the MAA provides students with interdisciplinary training in apologetics so that they understand and engage with contemporary worldviews and culture in order to transform the world for Christ, as academics, as apologists, and as followers of Christ.
  • Emphasis on effective, gracious communication: the program includes substantial coursework designed to help students achieve excellence in writing, speaking, and other forms of apologetics engagement.
  • Hands-on experience: HBU’s engagement with the larger apologetics community through apologetics conferences, faculty scholarship, cultural and arts programs, and local engagement means that students in the MA Apologetics program will have opportunities to gain further experience in the practical aspect of apologetics work.
  • A “mere Christian” focus: the ecumenical nature of the faculty and the coursework means that the MA in Apologetics is designed to serve all parts of the body of Christ, and welcomes Catholic and Orthodox as well as Protestant students, thus also providing an intellectually and culturally rich and dynamic experience for students.
  • Spiritual growth: the program is designed to provide mentoring for graduate students so that the MAA is a spiritually as well as intellectually strengthening experience. The coursework includes a spiritual formation component, providing an element usually only found in seminary degrees.
  • Academic rigor: The degree includes a thesis option and provides the academic foundation for further study at the PhD level, as well as for further academic work in philosophy, theology, or the humanities.

An online program is in development; the residential Houston program is ready to begin in Spring 2013… Yes, that’s next semester! We are accepting applicants right now.

If you are interested, please visit HBU’s page for the MA in Apologetics, where more details are provided, including the course descriptions and a link for applying to the program.

We are looking forward to meeting our new Apologetics graduate students in January…!


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