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With the death of Sun Myung Moon, it is worth looking at the beliefs of this sect.  Moon claimed that the Unification church (the Moonies) found its origin when Jesus appeared to him in a vision and called him to complete the work that he left unfinished.  That should make us suspicious, since we know that Jesus completed his work (John 19:30).  They see some of Jesus’ work as being incomplete as he failed to marry.  There are also some problems with their understanding of Jesus’ resurrection, seeing it as only a spiritual resurrection.  Moon claimed that he and his wife were the first ones to conceive children without original sin.  None of this has any biblical warrant.  You can find out more about this sect here.

The Unification church, like the Mormons, attracts people with its stress on family values and good marriages.  That is admirable but it is no excuse for bad theology.  We do not have to give up on biblical theology to have healthy families.  In fact, following the teachings of the Bible should lead to good families.

Christians should be praying for this group.  The death of a founder is a pivotal event for such a group.  Things could move in either direction, to even more heterodox beliefs or toward more orthodox beliefs.  It would take a lot for the Unification church to become orthodox but miracles do happen and other sects have made the switch.  Pray for the leadership of this church that they would recognize bad theology, repent of the the errors of the past and begin to rely upon the true Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.

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  1. “During the time of the “Koreagate” scandal in 1976-1977, the Fraser Committee found that the National Intelligence Service of South Korea (KCIA), had, among other things, been using the Unification Church as a political tool in its various anti-communist activities. The KCIA’s general goal was to influence the domestic and foreign politics and policies of the United States. Eighty-one pages of the 447-page Fraser Report (pages 311-392) deals specifically with the Moon organization. The term “KCIA” occurs sixty-eight times within those eighty-one pages.” Source:


    Please also see:



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