Osiris and Jesus

Since one of my areas of interest is the Jesus myth theory, I thought would point people to a podcast episode by Glenn Peoples on the comparison between Osiris and Jesus.  You can find the podcast and a link to the transcript here.  Glenn did a great job with this response.  One correction is the confusion between Set and Typhon.  Typhon is the Greek name for the Egyptian Set, just as Osiris is the Greek name for the Egyptian Asar.


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4 thoughts on “Osiris and Jesus”

  1. Stephen,

    Just so you know, the link is busted (at least, it was for me). In fact, I can’t load Glenn’s site at all. Just a heads up in case anyone is having the same difficulty. Thanks for all you do, Stephen!

  2. The site was down, which is why the link didn’t work. Good spotting on the Greek / Egyptian name, Stephen. Whoops! I’ll cut that line out in the near future, thanks!

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