Hope’s Reason Ministries

I have had a recent change in what ministry looks like for me.  I have been an ordained pastor for eleven years and have been pastoring at a two-point charge for the last nine years.  At the end of November, I left that ministry position.  I am currently not in a local church pastoral position.  My focus, in addition to my teaching and writing, is to equip Christians through Hope’s Reason Ministries.  The purpose of Hope’s Reason is to equip Christians to articulate and defend their faith in a reasonable, relevant and respectful way.  I have a heart for the local church and I desire to help Christians become more confident in their faith and more competent in sharing what they believe.

I am currently available to speak at churches, retreats and conferences.  I am interested in leading workshops, training laypeople and even supply preaching.  I would prefer opportunities in Canada (especially Ontario), but I am open to other opportunities as well.  There are possibilities of doing training by Skype and other modes.  If you are interested in learning more, please email me here.

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