Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics Volume 3

The third volume of Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics is now available online.  You can find this issue here.  The print edition will be available on Amazon at some point but it is available now here.

I would like to thank Glenn Hendrickson, who served as our associate editor for this issue.  Glenn has had to step down but his hard work is much appreciated.  Our book review editor, Ian Clary, has also worked hard to arrange for reviews as well as providing a very interesting opening article.  Thank you both for your ministry.

There are some great articles and book reviews in this issue.  Articles include:

“Christopher Hitchens: In Memoriam” by Ian Clary

“Grace Might Reign: Understandings of Sin and Grace as Means of Christian-Muslim Interreligious Dialogue” by Samuel J. Youngs

“Classical Apologetics From a Presuppositional Foundation” by Kevin Pagan

“Defining Miracle: Hume, Theism and the History of a Concept” by Sam Welbaum

“Atheism in Canada: What is the Future?” by Stephen J. Bedard

“ENGLISH 101: Evangelicals and English Literature (Review Article)” by Michael Plato


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