Genesis to Revelation

This is a project that I have been working on for a while and I am excited that it is finally ready.  Christian leaders often lament the biblical illiteracy in the church.  There are two ways to respond: dumb down messages to their level or raise the level of biblical literacy.  I am a firm believer in the second option.  That is why I put together Genesis to Revelation: A Taste of the Entire Bible.

This book came out of a year long sermon series that I did at Woodford and First Baptist Church Meaford.  I wanted to make sure my congregations had a good grasp of the entire Bible.  So preached from Genesis to Revelation and gave them resources by which to deepen their understanding.  This book is an edited version of that resource.

What is Genesis to Revelation?  It is a book that gives short introductions to every book of the Bible.  Understanding that it is hard to get people to read the entire Bible (at least at first), certain passages are chosen for the person to read.  The purpose is not to say that other passages are unimportant but to give the reader a taste of the Bible without getting them lost in some of the intimidating details of buildings and rituals.  The chapter concludes with three reflection questions to get the reader thinking about what they have just read.  There are forty-two chapters in this short book, most focusing on one biblical book and with a few looking at two or three.  With forty-two chapters, the reader could use this daily and in a month in a half have a pretty good understanding about the contents of the Bible.

I am very excited about the possibilities for this book.  Here are some suggestions for how this book could be used.

An introduction to a new believer on the contents of the Bible.

An introduction for a seeker who is just considering Christianity.

A small group study to take the group through the whole Bible in a year.

A resource for an experienced Christian to mentor a new Christian into greater biblical knowledge.

A resource for a pastor to use in a sermon series to take their congregation through the entire Bible.

A guide for family devotions by which the parents introduce their children to the contents of the Bible.

A gift for students going off to college or university as a reminder of the need for a biblical worldview.

If you are interested in the book, feel free to pick up a copy here.  If you think you will be purchasing quite a few copies for your church, let me know and I will give you a discount.  This book will eventually be available in e-book format.  This is just one of many resources that we will offer through Hope’s Reason Ministries.

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