A New Way of Taking Notes

I have just completed a class on the Gospel of Mark at Acadia Divinity College, studying under Larry Hurtado. It was a great time and I learned a lot. As I was listening to the lectures, I had the same struggle that I have in every course I take.  I know that I should take notes but the truth is that I will never go back to those notes. I realize that there are all sorts of apps that make note taking easier and allow you to access them anywhere that you have internet. But, it is still extremely unlikely that I will go back to those notes. And yet my memory is not good enough to keep everything I hear and I was hearing some pretty good stuff.

As part of my devotional life, I have started using an ESV Journalling Bible. Basically, it is a regular Bible with extra-wide margins that can be used for making notes. In my devotional reading, I try to make a short note about each chapter that I read. I also use it for when I preach, to include my basic points. When I listen to someone else preach, I make note of what they say.

Since I was already doing this, I figured I might as well write down the most important points of the lectures. That way, when I am devotionally reading Mark or listening to a preacher, I have my notes right there. I am sure that there are electronic ways that are more efficient and allow for more room for notes. But for someone like me who likes a paper Bible in their hands, this is working very well.

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