Suffering and Faith

From time to time, we hear stories of people giving up their faith because of some difficult circumstances. To be honest, more often I hear about people who give up after observing other people’s suffering rather than from their own experience.

I am currently going through some health issues. I potentially have a life threatening disease. Some could ask why I would continue as a Christian if he would let me suffer with sickness. Trust me I have had some interesting talks with God. But giving up on God has not been one of my options. It is true that I could die from what I have. But I will die anyway. In fact everyone of you who read this post will die one day. Is it fair that I might face death? Is it fair that anyone faces death? I find that people forget that we all have an expiry date. I have done funerals for hundred year olds where the family is shocked that their loved one died. There is an end for all of us and we should all give up the myth of immortality (not counting the afterlife of course).

So I will continue to believe and trust in God. I hope that I am not seriously ill and I pray that I have a long life to serve God and enjoy my family. But even so, this life will come to an end one day and it will time to start the new chapter.

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2 thoughts on “Suffering and Faith”

  1. Thanks for sharing so honestly. I pray that you will continue to trust God and that He will use your trial for His glory and your greater good.

  2. Best wishes to you, Stephen. Lord willing may He keep you strengthened in your trials, and may He strengthen your family in their need to support you during this time.

    God Bless

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