Christianity, Islam and Freedom of Religious Expression

I have had discussions with people about religious expression in Canada. There have been hints of limitations of freedom of religious expression for Muslims. Some Christians are standing up and saying that we must support religious expression for all, including Muslims. Others have said that Christians should stand against religious expression by Muslims.

I would like to make something clear about this issue. There are some Christians who seem to think that one of the options available is freedom of expression for Christians and a lack of freedom for Muslims (and other religions). I am sorry to tell you but that is not one of the options. There are only two options available: freedom of expression for religious people and lack of freedom for religious people. As the western world becomes more secular, society will not distinguish between different religions. They will see two groups, religious and non-religious.

So Christians may feel justified in opposing the rights of Muslims, but they better realize that as Muslims lose their religious rights, so too will Christians. Some may be willing to give up those rights for the sake of opposing Muslims and that is fine as long as they understand what is happening. Another option for Christians is to stand up for religious rights in general. Doing so does not mean that we agree with Muslim beliefs. It simply means we want all religious people to have the right of religious expression. Those rights are quickly deteriorating and so we better make up our mind sooner rather than later.

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One thought on “Christianity, Islam and Freedom of Religious Expression”

  1. You’re right the more secular this society becomes the more polarized the groups (i.e. non-religious and religious). One thing I’ve found interesting about this ever increasing secular society here in the west, its seems more inclined show favor towards Buddhism than any other of the world’s religion. I’m sure there’s good reasons for it but its something I’ve noticed.

    Good topic.


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