Apologetic Resolutions

Are you hoping to be a better apologist? Do you see the New Year as a good time to make some improvements in your life? Here are some suggested resolutions.

1. Read a certain number of good solid apologetics books (both older and newer works).

2. Read outside your speciality. If you are into philosophy, read some history. If your are into biblical studies, read some science.

3. Try to take at least one relevant course at a college/university/seminary. It does not have to be from a Christian institution.

4. Read at least two books that are critical of Christian worldview. It is good to know what your critics are saying.

5. If you don’t have one, start a blog. It is a great way to interact with people and to learn as you go.

6. Make friends with a non-Christian.

7. Use your apologetics knowledge in real life. Don’t be an apologetics geek, be an apologist.


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