So You Want to Be a Blogger?

I have been blogging for six or seven years now. I don’t do everything perfectly, but I have learned some things through trial and error. If you want to be an effective blogger, this advice may be of some help.

1. Blog. Really, try to blog as often as you can. Blog regularly, whether that is weekly or daily. Even if you don’t have something super profound to say, blog so that your audience knows it is worth coming back. Blogging regularly also gives you practice and you will become a better writer as a result.

2. Have variety in your blogging. Blog on a topic. Do book reviews (you can get free books to do this). Post videos. Post links to other blogs or news items. Post inspiring quotes. Variety is the spice of (blogging) life.

3. Post on trendy topics. Some bloggers don’t want to jump on the bandwagon of what is trendy. Swallow your pride and do it. You may end up with something viral and people will discover your blog and come across the things you are really passion about. I once posted on a Starbucks controversy and had over 39,000 hits on one day. It was not the most important topic for me but it did introduce people to my blog.

4. Use tags. It is easier to just hit ‘publish’ and not bother with tags. But tags are often how people come across your posts. Use every tag that is relevant to your post. It will help with the searches.

5. Connect with other bloggers. Post things from their blogs and they will likely post from your blog. Put them on your blog roll and ask them to add you to theirs.

6. Use social media. Post your blog posts to Facebook. Join relevant groups and post them there as well. Post them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and wherever else you are active. The more exposure the better. You have good things to say, people just need to know about it.

7. Use images if you can. People like seeing images. Just be careful of copyright issues. Take your own pictures if you can.

8. Think about what you are going to blog. Blog on something meaningful and something that you love. Pass on what gets you excited and you will find others who get just as excited.

9. Include the ability for others to share your post by social media. If they like what you write, they will share it.

10. Share your opinions on the topics that matter to you. Be honest. But also be respectful. It does not help to be nasty. I have been turned off by blogs that come across as arrogant or cocky. You can express your opinion without being intentionally offensive. This includes how you respond to comments.

This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully will help you to get started at being an effective blogger.

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